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Architecture and [Cyber]Feminism

To make architecture supposes giving meaning, it is a political action; it has a social dimension. The social understanding of architectonic production means tackling the study of social groups in relation to discipline. In an inequality context, identifying cultural bias becomes key just to promote human rights like gender equality. In this pursue, the emergence of ICT means an inflexion point: the democratization of information technologies and the appearance of new global communication spaces that represent an unprecedented opportunity for  diffusion and meeting of women architects, investigators and activists joined questioning the official architectural discourse.

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Architecture and [Cyber]Feminism: an Intersection with Sociology and Gender.

NOVAS, M. & PALEO S., (2016). «Architecture and [Cyber]Feminism: an Intersection with Sociology and Gender».  In BAC Boletín Académico Revista de Investigación y Arquitectura Contemporánea núm. 6, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Universidade da Coruña, pp. 62-74.

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